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History of Maid Services

Maid services are an excellent way to treat yourself to a well deserved day off, or your home to a much needed deep cleaning that you just do not ever seem to have time for. Keeping a home clean is a full time job that not all people have time to be completely caught up on. Between getting kids to school, full time jobs, extracurricular activities and all of life’s other demands, keeping the house spotless can sometimes fall to the bottom of your priority list. Calling in a professional maid service is a great way to get your house work caught up to where it should be and give you a head start on more important things.

Domestic Maid Services and Housekeepers

The term maid comes from the middle ages and was derived from the commonly used term, maiden. Usually this person was young and not yet married. In fact, most domestic house maids of that time gave their lives to service and were not allowed to marry. Maids were largely kept in massive estates and lived in the home they cleaned along with a huge staff. Maids were provided with food, clothing and boarding inside of the homes they serviced. In the Victorian Era, the highest ranking employee managed the staff of a large estate and was called the housekeeper.

Professional Maid Service

To have a maid in your home became a status of social distinction. If you had a maid or a staff, it meant you were living in a higher class and usually had a greater income than those that were unable to afford a maid or a full service staff in your home. If you could not afford a maid, you were left with the responsibility to keep your home clean without professional assistance.

Affordable Maid Services

In today’s day and age, a home that is collecting two incomes is not uncommon. This means that house work is likely to go undone while both bread winners are out working hard for the family unit. This is where today’s maid service can come in handy. No longer is it required to own a large estate and make millions to afford a maid service. Practically any home owner today can hire a maid service to come in and help get their house work done. Hiring a professional maid service will make you feel luxurious; and it will leave your house looking like a place you can come home to and relax without worrying about scrubbing the bathroom down or cleaning the kitchen floor before you go to bed. For the best maid service available, contact Amaidzing Agency Inc, serving the greater Los Angeles area.

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