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When it comes to cleaning your Southern California home, AMaidzing Agency Inc., our professionals know the needs and desires of our valued customers. Reaching for higher standards, you dictate how your home is cleaned. AMaidzing Agency Inc.’s custom cleaning options help our clients feel in control of the cleaning aspects of their home, so it is done the way you want it done. With our experienced cleaning specialists armed with quality products and equipment, you can be rest assured your home’s cleanliness is maximized. For homeowners looking for superior cleaning services, both for general and detailed cleaning services, have a reliable source with AMaidzing Agency Inc.

General House Cleaning Checklist

As we tailor your cleaning needs to the specifics of your Southern California home, you can expect our general house cleaning that includes our standard exterior surfaces cleaning inside your home.
Every Room – In all the rooms of your Southern California homes, AMaidzing Agency, Inc provides all the following basics:
– Light fixtures are carefully removed and thoroughly cleaned, then replaced.
– All the air vents and registers are wiped clean.
– Nooks and crannies are thoroughly detailed to remove the accumulating dust and debris.
– Baseboards, wall wipe downs, door and door frame cleaning are available upon request.
Kitchen – All the above is cleaned and when the AMaidzing cleaning experts tackle your Counter California home’s kitchen, we detail the following:
– The exterior of all of your kitchen appliances are wiped clean.
– The countertops and sinks are expertly wiped down.
– Kitchen tables and chairs are thoroughly cleaned.
– All exterior cabinets and drawers wiped down.
– Floors are swept, and tile floors are damp-mopped.
Bathrooms – The list for every room cleaning applies and when it comes to the bathrooms in your Southern California are treated, and we include the following steps in your bathroom:
– Showers and tubs are cleaned and sanitized.
– Tile walls are disinfected and wiped spotless.
– Vanities and sinks are fully wiped clean.
– Mirrors are polished clean; freed of fingerprints, water spots, and other debris.
– Toilet bowl is washed out and the exterior is fully cleaned and sanitized.
– Floors are swept, followed by a damp-mopping.
– Surfaces are cleaned, sanitized and deodorized.

Detailed Cleaning Checklist

Detailed cleaning is much like spring cleaning, focusing on the interior of most surfaces of your Southern California home. For a comprehensive cleaning, AMaidzing Agency Inc. specialists include the below listed standards, but are happy to accommodate special requests.
Every Room – The duties below is applicable in every room we clean in your Southern California home.
– All the lighting fixtures are thoroughly cleaned after they are removed and replaced once they have been polished clean.
– The registers and air vents are all dusted.
– There is a close attention to the baseboards and every nook and cranny to ensure the dust and debris buildup is removed.
Kitchen – The above applies with these additional extras:
– The interior and exterior of cabinets and drawers are cleaned and organized.
– Appliances exterior and interior of appliances and the refrigerated is done upon request.
Bathrooms: The above applies with these additional tasks:
– Drawers and cabinets inside are cleaned.

House Cleaning Services & More in Van Nuys, Burbank, Hollywood, Malibu, Studio City & Greater Los Angeles, California

When your Southern California home needs a one time cleaning, or routinely scheduled throughout the year, your experts of AMaidzing Agency Inc. is readily available to assist you. Contact us for all of your cleaning needs.

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