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Monday – Friday (Weekday Rates) – $39 per person, per hour

Saturday – Sunday (Weekend Rates) – $41 per person, per hour

With the exception of carpet cleaning, all cleaning services are priced at an hourly rate, based on the day of the week:

We may send our minimum 2-person crew, all the way up to 8 or more cleaners for very large assignments.

All jobs have a 2-hour minimum; after the second hour we charge per 15-minute interval.

If you must cancel … We require a one-day notice for all cancellations. ANY BOOKING CANCELLED LESS THAN 24 HOURS PRIOR TO ITS SCHEDULED START TIME WILL BE CHARGED $78 to cover minimal payroll charges for the crew.

NOTE: ALL PRICES REPRESENT THE AVERAGE HOME IN AVERAGE CONDITION. If your 27 cats have selected your living room for their seasonal molt; or if the five fraternity guys in your rental unit haven’t cleaned the shower this century … well, it might take us a little longer.

If all of this sounds a bit confusing, just contact us. We’ll be happy to give you an instant estimate over the phone for your specific circumstances and requirements anywhere in Southern California (including, but not limited to: house cleaning in Santa Monica, house cleaning in Malibu, house cleaning in Beverly Hills, house cleaning in Westwood, house cleaning in West Hollywood and house cleaning in Burbank).

The only service priced outside of our flat hourly rate is our standard steam extraction carpet cleaning, which is based on quantity at $44 per average-sized room. With advance notice, our Crew Captain can perform this service at the same time during a routine cleaning visit.

Payment in full at the conclusion of service is accepted by: Cash or Check

Some clients have asked about the tradition of tipping the crew. Certainly, if you are pleased with the quality of their work and feel so inclined, tipping is graciously accepted, although neither required nor expected. If you prefer to leave an extra amount on your payment, rest assured 100% of those funds go directly to the crew on that job.

Never feel an obligation to tip. Your voluntary expression of appreciation means more than an assumed social mandate to do so.

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