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The first time I called Amaidzing Agency Inc was when I moved in to a new place in Studio City. I needed some serious move in cleaning because the previous tenants obviously had a cat in the unit and didn't clean it very well and I am allergic to cats. The rental office gave me Amaidzing's number because they said that's who they call to schedule their janitorial office cleaning and the exterior pressure washing of their buildings. I called them for the apartment cleaning and was so impressed with the attention to detail and hard work of the house cleaners, I never stopped. Their window washing leaves my glass streak free and their housekeeping keeps everything tidy and in its place. If you need residential house cleaning but aren't quite sure who to call, give Amaidzing a shot. I haven't regretted it and I'm sure you won't either!

Harry B Studio City, CA

Outstanding apartment cleaning of our home. If you need residential maid services in Los Angeles, I definitely recommend calling Amaidzing Agency Inc. My wife and I have been very pleased with the detail oriented house keeping and laundry services they have provided us with all this time. We love that the house cleaners always ask us if there is any more they can do. From the streak free window washing and blasting power washing to the spotless kitchen and bathroom cleaning, they leave our home inviting, clean and organized. I look forward to coming home after a hard day at work (although I don't mind being there either since Amaidzing started doing the janitorial service and my office. For one time move in cleaning of vacant homes to weekly maid cleaning of very busy homes, Amaidzing are the best in LA!

Beau L Los Angeles, CA

I was moving into a house that hadn't been lived in for a year and so needed a good spring clean. I called Amaidzing Agency Inc Maid Service for the residential move in cleaning of my new place and the move out cleaning of my old place and the girls were professional and did an excellent job apartment cleaning both locations. The price I paid was the price I was quoted even though the crew stayed an extra 30 minutes to finish up all of the surface cleaning. I felt bad that there were so many spider webs, especially when it came to the window washing but the girls didn't complain. They just worked hard to get the job done. I was so happy to get my apartment deposit back. I also used them for the carpet shampoo and sofa cleaning and they turned out great. Once I get settled in, I plan to use them for regular housekeeping and any special occasion cleaning I need too.

Val A La Canada (Hollywood)

Amaidzing Agency Inc is a dream come true for me. I call their office whenever I need to book a housekeeping service and they match me with the best maid service to suit my needs. As I have moved around Los Angeles, I have called them for everything from regular apartment cleaning with a focus on laundry services and picking up messes to larger home cleaning focusing more on window washing and exterior power washing depending on my needs. I have also called the for special occasion cleaning - both pre-party and after party. The house I'm living in at the time always looks and smells wonderful when the house cleaners leave and I'm thrilled to have found this service. I highly recommend Amaidzing and appreciate their house cleaning connection service immensely.

Alyssa K Studio City, CA

Amaidzing Agency Inc Maid Services have done all my housekeeping and residential cleaning for the last 3 years. I'm so happy with their home cleaning and window washing that I recommend them to everyone, as I just wish I'd known about them sooner. They would have gotten me several deposits back if they could have done my move out apartment cleaning before I moved on to the next place. They do a professional job to my satisfaction and even take special care with my dogs. I love coming home to a clean house after they've worked their magic. Their special occasion cleaning especially helped us out last year on short notice over the holiday weekends. I loved having my family over for the couple of weeks but that left me little time for anything else. They went above and beyond and did extra cleaning tasks like exterior cleaning the grill on the bbq etc. God bless this company.

Calvin A Tujunga, CA (Van Nuys)

Amaidzing Agency Inc is a dream come true for me! I first came across them moving into my first apartment and the previous tenant had hired them to do the move out cleaning. They did such an amazing job, particularly their tile cleaning - you would think it was brand new! I love the flexibility that they offer and I feel secure about having them in my home when I'm not there. I have a set team of ladies that come every other week for the interior cleaning and window washing. However, if I need exterior cleaning or need to add an extra spring cleaning or even need a special event cleaning, they will send another crew out on short notice. They always do a fabulous job. They always leave our house clean, everything in its place and all areas and surfaces left spotless - inside and outside, with their power washing service. We will continue to use Amaidzing - they are indeed amazing!

Sheila R Malibu, CA

True cleaning professionals! I use Amaidzing Agency Inc of Los Angeles for the residential cleaning at my house and the commercial cleaning and property maintenance of my apartments. Their housekeeping and maid services keep everything tidy and their floor and surface cleaning ensures my home and units always smell and look fresh. I am very sensitive to the smell of cleaning products but the green cleaning products they use are not overpowering. They are super efficient, friendly and affordable and pay great attention to all of the details. I have a small office at the apartments and their office cleaning is mindful of my computer equipment. The ladies at the cleaning service I used prior to this one would always pull out my computer cables which was very frustrating. Amaidzing recently did an expert job apartment cleaning the whole complex. We needed the spring cleaning done fast as we had just some work done on the building and the construction clean up had to be done before we could show the units to the prospective tenants. Other times we just call them for one unit move in cleaning before a new tenant joins us. The do a great job power washing and deck cleaning the outside of the units too. I just can't say enough good things!

Mitch B Los Angeles, CA

Amaidzing Agency Inc really saved me when I was in a bind and needed a move out cleaning. I needed a really deep apartment cleaning to get my security deposit back. I had all my stuff moved out so it was a vacant house cleaning but it was still a real mess. I'm not sure I ever did a real tile cleaning myself the whole 2 years I lived there. Within a day, I got an estimate, made a reservation and got a thorough spring clean. Not only did Amaidzing get my deposit back but the landlord actually thanked me for being such a clean tenant! Since then, I've moved into my first real home and I called them for my move in cleaning and for all of my housekeeping and maid services since. Their green cleaning doesn't smell chemically like when my girlfriend tries to bleach everything. Their surface cleaning keeps my place dust free and I like that their floor cleaning leaves the floor feeling good to walk on. I know that sounds weird but you really can feel the difference. I like that I can call them for an even deeper clean when I need it. They call it 'special event cleaning' like when my girlfriend's parents visited and we threw an anniversary party for them. If you need any kind of residential cleaning, call these guys!

Albert A Van Nuys, CA

I first hired Amaidzing Agency Inc residential cleaning company for a special event preparation and home cleaning service before a big party. Their surface cleaning didn't leave a speck of dust, their window washing not a smudge and their floor cleaning was especially immaculate. Their butler service during the special occasion was spot on. They took care of everything. Since then, I routinely use them for all of my maid duty and housekeeping needs. Their green cleaning approach doesn't aggravate my daughters allergies and their laundry service means no more folding and ironing for me! They even clean behind the couch and under the beds (something I seldom did). Every time they leave, it's like a big spring cleaning was just done. And it's not just the interior - their power washing keeps the exterior cleaning looking top notch too.

Roland F Hollywood, CA

Facing major surgery forced me to look for an apartment cleaning company. My choice of Amaidzing Agency Inc could not have been better. What a relief knowing that once a week, the ladies would come and take care of all of the surface cleaning while I recuperated. When I had deliveries, they even provided a great butler service! And they used green cleaning methods that I felt good about in such a vulnerable state with such a poor immune system. Now that I don't technically "need" to use them anymore, I still gladly welcome them into my home regularly because of the sparkling cleaning job they do with such a great attitude. Especially the floor cleaning - I've always hated cleaning all of that tile and grout. I don't even need to do my big yearly spring cleaning anymore because of the great job Amaidzing does on a regular basis. When I finally move into my house later this year, I'm definitely going to call them for both the move out cleaning of my old apartment and the move in cleaning of my new home! And I've already referred them to my brother for his exterior office cleaning and power washing at his business.

Jackie W Malibu, CA

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