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Los Angeles Laundry Services

Maid services are used by residential homes throughout the greater Los Angeles area and all over the United States! Many families lack the time needed to keep their home looking their best, or want the cleaning done by a professional house cleaning company. Having a regular cleaning service can add time to your schedule and can make your life much less stressful. Having a clean home allows everyone living in the home to have an environment that they can function in and feel comfortable. Maid services can take care of cleaning bathroom, floors, cabinets, baseboards and much more. One thing that you may not know is that they can also offer laundry service. Yes you heard that right, laundry service! The never ending cycle of laundry can be washed, dried and folded for you.

Put an End to Never Ending Laundry Piles

Doing the laundry in a home can be a task that is just never ending. As soon as you think you’re done, more laundry seems to magically show up. The process of do it yourself laundry is not quick and each part of the process takes up to an hour to run. Most households have about one load of laundry each day that needs to be washed, dried and folded. Not having to worry about getting this done in between other chores can relieve a lot of stress.

Add On or Stand Alone Laundry Service

When you have a maid service coming on a regular basis they will usually clean the home and stack any laundry in the designated basket and leave it for you to take care of at your own convenience. Amaidzing Agency Inc is giving you the time saving opportunity to add laundry service to your existing house cleaning services or start laundry service separate from your regular cleaning as a stand alone specialty service.

Professional Laundry Services

You can just leave your dirty linens, clothes and laundry in bags and one of our cleaning technicians will pick up them up at your convenience and return them thoroughly cleaned, dried and expertly folded to your home. You can rest assured that your clothing and other items will be treated professionally and will be returned to you freshly laundered. At Amaidzing Agency Inc. we have a professional laundry facility in Van Nuys that we use to do all the laundry service for our valued clients in the greater Los Angeles area. If you want to stop forever worrying about keeping the laundry clean and folded, call Amaidzing Agency Inc today to set up an appointment.

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