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What is Included in a Deep Cleaning of a House in Simi Valley, CA? How to Clean Foyer to Bedroom & More

Fall with it’s pumpkin spiced lattes, football and corn mazes is a welcomed season after such a hot summer. It’s a time where the weather cools down and people take advantage of optimal weather conditions. Many plan home improvements and fall cleaning checklists. Some folks find cleaning, especially deep cleaning, therapeutic and cleansing. Others have a real struggle to gain the motivation and of course, there are people that fall in between the spectrum. No matter where you fit in, finding a place to start can be challenge, and remembering to hit everything can be daunting. Rest easy, AmaidZing Agency Inc. has compiled a list of some major and minor tasks that might get over looked.

How Do You Clean a Foyer or Entryway?

Generally, the foyer room doesn’t have too much undertaking, and it is fairly easy to get through.
• Dust and polish light fixtures.
• Wipe down the walls, door and trim.
• Polish knobs and hardware.
• Wipe clean light switch and outlet plates.
• Clean furnishings and treat wooden features accordingly. If applicable, launder any cushions, and clean upholstery.
• Clear out the coat closet. Sort through the contents, donating unneeded items and trashing unusable things. Before reorganizing, clean floors and walls.
• Entry mats and/or area rugs should be cleaned, or replaced.
• Vacuum, sweep and mop floors accordingly.
• Reseal or re-grout if necessary.

How Do I Deep Clean My Bedrooms?

All bedrooms need a little tender love and care. For better circulation, open windows.
• Dust furniture, light fixtures and ceiling fans.
• Clear out dresser drawers. Donate or trash as necessary, refold and organize.
• Closets should have items removed, donated and disposed of unwanted items. Be sure shelf space, walls and floors are thoroughly cleaned. Replace contents in an organized fashion.
• Pull the bed away, If used to store extra things, this is the time to go through an appropriately discard unwanted belongings. Clean the floor. If possible, avoid using it as storage space. Replace bed.
• Lightly sprinkle baking soda and allow it to set 15 minutes. Vacuum remnants.
• Launder bedding and curtains. Air out mattress pads and pillows if prefer not washing the pillows.
• Clean windows, screens, blinds and window sills, completely removing dust debris and smudges.
• Wipe down walls, trim, light switch out outlet plates.
• Clean vent covers.
• Treat floors according to surface material.

What is the Fastest Way to Deep Clean a Bathroom?

To help ventilate, open a window if applicable.
• Remove contents in medicine cabinets, cupboards and drawers. Discard expired products. Wipe down inside and out and reorganize as you replace your toiletries.
• Clean tub and drain, and wax if necessary.
• Clean toilet, inside and out. Remove bolts to clean well in between.
• Clean sinks, including drains and polish or shine fixtures.
• Clean windows, screens, blinds and sills.
• Wash down walls, trim switch plates and outlet covers.
• Clean vent covers.
• Sweep and mop floors.
• Reseal grout if needed.

What is Deep Cleaning in the Kitchen & Dining Room?

There is much to do in the kitchen, be ready on this one. If there are windows that can be open do so for ventilation.
• Clean windows, trim, screens, curtains and blinds.
• Remove contents of each drawer and cabinet, discarding the worn kitchenware and expired food. Donate unused items you no longer use. Clean inside and out, polish or shine hardware. Reorganize as you replace your things.
• Sanitize cutting board.
• Clean all appliances, inside and out.
• Sharpen knives.
• Tend to pantry, discarding expired food, wipe shelves, walls and clean floors.
• Wash sinks and drains.
• Wipe walls and trim light switch plates and outlet covers.
• Clean vents, light fixtures and ceiling fans.
• Sweep and scrub floors.
• Reseal grout if needed.

How Do I Completely Deep Clean My Living Space?

• Clean light fixtures and ceiling fans.
• Wipe walls, trim, light, vent covers switch plates and outlet covers.
• Clean windows, screens, curtains, blinds, and sills inside and out.
• Clean upholstery and treat wood furniture.
• Dust all shelves and décor, and polish as necessary.
• Wipe down lamps and lamp shades.
• Clean television screen and wipe away dust on electronic devices.
• Sort through movies, books and magazines. Reorganize, donate or discard accordingly.
• Sanitize children toys.
• Cleans floors.

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This list gives you a basic idea of deep cleaning. It is highly recommended you get your home cleaned by professionals for superior cleaning and deodorizing. Our professionals at AmaidZing Agency Inc. can help make much of your deep cleaning easier. Especially for those lacking time, ambition or simply do not possess the physical ability. Call us today to schedule your appointment!

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