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What Household Cleaning Chores Should Be Done Daily & Occasionally in Santa Monica, CA? Clean Windows & More

Sometimes the simplest things can make our day. The cherry on top of the sundae, a dog wagging his tail in delight to see you, or even the perfect sunrise. The same can be said about some delightful optimistic outlooks on some simple cleaning chores. AmaidZing Agency Inc. would like to entertain with this reminder of some simple chores that will add some awesomeness to your day, and a few tips to make them even better.

Good Household Chores for a Happy Life

1. A freshly made bed. There is something so satisfying about climbing into a nicely made bed, with freshly laundered sheets.
Tip: For an even better experience switch to linen sheets instead of cotton sheets.
2. Clean windows. Streak free, shining windows add the best detail to a clean home. Allowing natural sunshine in to appreciate a newly cleaned and polished room, just really makes you say “ahhhh”.
Tip: Wash your windows on a cloudy day to avoid the quick drying streaks a sunny day normally brings.
3. Vacuumed carpets. With a recent vacuum job, it makes it healthy and pleasant to get down on the floor to play with a furry friend, or engage in a wrestling match with kids. The room can be dusty, but a vacuumed floor gives the room an instant lift.
Tip: Vacuum the floor in several directions to get all little particles of debris and dirt out off the carpet.
4. Bathroom cleanliness. After cleaning the bathroom, it is simply delightful to be the first one to christen the shower and enjoy the spot and residue free, fresh clean smell and hot water running down your back.
Tip: After washing the shower and rinsing, take the time to wipe of the watery remnants to keep the water spots from reforming.
5. Dusted ceiling fan. Let’s face it, it takes us longer than it should to get around to dusting the ceiling fan, that more often than not, the dust bunnies have generations of family members up there. Once the ceiling fan has been dusted and polished however, the feeling of accomplishment is euphoric.
Tip: Instead of using the traditional duster or rag to flip the layers of dust off the blades, take an old pillow case, slide it over the blade, applying pressure around the blade, slide the pillow case, trapping the dust and gunk in the pillow case so you are only cleaning the junk up once.

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There are thousands of examples of how the simplest chores can really make you feel accomplished and satisfied with the results that is almost therapeutic. Everyone has their own specifics, but sometimes it’s nice to sit back and bask in its glory. AmaidZing Agency Inc. offers quite a service menu, specializing in cleanliness. For all your commercial or residential cleaning needs, we are the best. With our expertly trained professionals, you know your cleaning needs will be met with the highest quality. Call us today to schedule you appointment!

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