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Los Angeles California Water Conservation Facts and Tips

With the worsening Califonria drought, it is important as Los Angeles residents to take any extra precaution we can to save water. A great benefit of hiring a maid or cleaning service is their ability to save water where we cannot. A professional cleaning company has equipment that uses water efficiently. They get the job done while at the same time conserving water that may have been otherwise wasted on a job you attempted yourself. Conserving water has fallen upon the responsibility of home owners and there are many different ways to help join the water conservation effort.

Overwatering Landscapes

Many people tend to overwater their landscape and vegetation that is living around their homes in hopes of making it more green or grow bigger or faster. However, overwatering actually causes leaves to turn a brown unsightly color, producing an unwanted result. Being responsible and following the strict watering schedules will help to conserve water and keep your vegetation growing in a healthy way. Obey watering laws that are in place to help conserve water. Collection water from your roof by installing rain gutters and downspouts is a great way to conserve water.

Low Water Usage Landscape Design

Yard landscape can take up a large amount of water usage. There are some organizations that offer a rebate when you replace grass with rock or artificial grass, limiting the amount of water usage your property requires. This will also lessen the amount of yard work for you and your family. Although some home owners are hesitant to take this step, once they do they express a more attractive curb appeal to their home and a lower water bill.

Soaking Dishes in Water

While cleaning your kitchen, rather than letting your faucet run the entire time you are cleaning dishes, let your pots and pans soak in a sink full of water. This will help conserve water and still get your dishes clean. Another great way to conserve water is to turn the water off while you are washing your hands with soap, only turn the water back on after you have fully lathered your hands with soap and are ready to rinse them off. This will help to conserve water.

Cooking Tips to Save Water

When cooking, people often use running water to defrost food. Most homes now all have a microwave that has appropriate settings for defrosting food. Rather than running water for long amounts of time over frozen food, set your microwave to the correct setting and defrost your food. This will help to conserve water and get your food thawed out a lot faster than running warm water over it. Also, dishwashers typically use less water than washing dishes by hand, so save yourself from extra work and conserve water at the same time by starting a load of dishes. Amaidzing Agency Inc. will assist you in all of your cleaning needs and help you conserve water.

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