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Medical Office Cleaning Checklist in Los Angeles, CA for Clean Waiting & Exam Rooms, Touchpoints, Floors & More

Now more than ever, businesses are focusing more on cleaning to keep their patrons safe. This is especially true in a medical office. Keeping a medical office clean where there are patients that are coming in sick, can be a full time job. It is important that when cleaning a medical office, it is done in a certain order to ensure the job is done right. Amaidzing Cleaning Services is here to share the order in which cleaning tasks should be completed in a medical office.

Waste Management

In a medical office, taking out the trash is more complicated than it is in other situations. You need a crew that is familiar with hazardous and non-hazardous waste disposal. Trash and waste should be taken out daily at the very least in a medical setting.

Cleaning Waiting & Exam Rooms

These areas are going to have the highest bacteria and virus content and should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Using the 8-fold cleaning method, microfiber cloths that are numbered are usually used to ensure there is no cross contamination taking place.

Restroom Cleaning

When cleaning the restrooms, it should be done with care and at a slow pace. You should allow toilet cleaner to sit on the surface of the toilet or urinal for a minimum of 15 minutes before wiping it clean. A diluted bleach cleaner is the best way to ensure the surfaces in the bathroom have been properly cleaned and disinfected.

Cleaning Waiting Room Toys

If you are a medical office for children, chances are, there are toys in your waiting room. These toys need to be cleaned daily to ensure the safety of kids in your waiting room. All toys should be soaked in a cleaning solution for no less than 10 minutes to properly clean them.

Floor Cleaning

It is best to do any floor cleaning after hours in a medical office. This will allow the flooring ample time to dry and be fully sanitized before the beginning of the next day. Carpet should be vacuumed on a daily basis. Tile, wood and other hard flooring surfaces should be sanitized daily as well.

Cleaning Common Areas

There are likely breakrooms and places where employees congregate during their shift. These areas will more than likely need to be cleaned and sanitized more than once during the business day to stay on top of disinfecting.

Touchpoints Cleaning

Last, but not least, touch points like switches, keyboards, phones and other areas where there are several people touching them throughout the day should be disinfected and sanitized as well. This may also need to be done more than once during the day.

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If you need assistance in keeping up with the long list of cleaning tasks to keep your medical office going, you can count on the janitorial services at Amaidzing Cleaning Services who are experienced in disinfecting and sanitizing medical offices. Call us today!

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