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House Cleaning for Allergy Sufferers in Burbank, CA; Best Products for Allergies & More

If you are like one of the millions of Americans who suffer from allergy symptoms, then you are not alone. Spring brings the warmth and beauty we’ve long awaited here in Sunny Southern California. The trees are sprouting green leaves, the flowers are blooming, the grass is coming alive again and this means the pollen is flowing. This year’s pollen count seems to be much higher than year’s previous, this is largely in part due to all the wonderful moisture we got this winter, so we are seeing much more vegetation than in prior years. This is a great sign for Californian’s, but unfortunately it does aggravate allergies and other respiratory ailments. You may be wondering if you will find relief from the groggy, sneezy, itchy pain you are feeling. Only time will tell, the good news is, Amaidzing Agency Inc is here with some helpful cleaning tips for you to follow to help alleviate your allergy symptoms.

Should You Wear a Mask when Cleaning?

Wearing a mask while you clean will save you from inhaling dirt, dust, mold, pollen and other irritants while you clean. After the house has been cleaned, plan to leave for a few to let your home air out while the dust that has been kicked up settles.

Eliminate Clutter to Reduce Indoor Allergens

The more stuff we have lying around, the more dust, allergens or insect castings are present in our homes. By minimizing clutter, you can reduce the allergen inducing contaminants in your home and make your daily and weekly cleaning much less tedious.

Use Duster Sweep & Dust Trap Sheets

By now everyone should know the old feather dusters our mothers and grandmothers used to utilize are actually contributing to allergy related symptoms. Dusting should be done about once a week with an allergen trapping duster or cloth to reduce the number of contaminants that get kicked back up into the air.

Should I Vacuum Everyday?

The best vacuum for allergy or respiratory ailment sufferers is vacuum cleaners with a HEPA filter. These types of filters do the best job at trapping even the tiniest of allergens, without releasing them back into the air you breathe. The more often you vacuum, the better, but twice weekly should be sufficient. Be sure to use the hose attachment to vacuum off furniture and along the baseboards as well.

Change Air Filters Monthly & Keep Fans Clean

There is nothing worse than having dirty air filters or dirty fans that circulate contaminated air around for you to breathe in. While vacuuming your home, be sure to vacuum all the fans in your home, front to back to remove any settled in dust. Changing your air filters once a month allows for better air flow to your HVAC system. Air filters are extremely efficient in trapping large and small particles that pass through your air vents, producing cleaner air.

Don’t Use Scented Cleaners or Detergents

Artificial fragrances and harmful chemicals will trigger or aggravate allergy symptoms. It’s best to look for household cleaners or laundry detergents that are unscented and free of unnecessary dyes. Wash your bed sheets weekly in hot water with the unscented detergent to reduce the number of allergens in your bed as well.

House Cleaning Services & More in Van Nuys, Burbank, Hollywood, Malibu, Studio City & Greater Los Angeles, California

Amaidzing Agency Inc. offers basic cleaning services for your home on a schedule that works for you. We also offer deep cleanings to get down to the nitty gritty in those hard to reach places. Get out of the house for a few and let our talented and thorough staff do the dirty work for you. Having a clean home reduces the effects of asthma and allergy related symptoms by reducing the number of contaminants that float around in the air you breathe. If you would like more information on our cleaning services, give us a call, we’re happy to help.

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