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Getting Kids Involved in Housekeeping & Cleaning

Trying to run a household and stay organized at home with the kids out of school is no joke. Not only are you trying to find fun things to do to keep your children amused you are probably also trying to cope with the extra mess that often requires an immediate clean up. When you think of cleaning, the word “fun” is not usually the first word that pops into your mind but studies show that including children in household clean ups, especially during the summer break will not only provide you with some much needed help, it will also provide an opportunity to share in some great family bonding time. And why not; you will also be providing your children with the much needed skills to help them throughout their own lives and if it makes your life easier in the short term, so much the better.

Kids Cleaning Schedule Checklist and Tips

At AMaidzing Agency, Inc. we are evolving the way house cleaning is delivered and performed. As a bonded referral agency in the State of California, we effectively connect independent maids with individuals who require a professional cleaning service. Our highly trained and qualified customer service professionals have provided the following 8 fun ideas to help you enlist your children in your daily cleaning and tiding chores.
1. Make cleaning a friendly competition – Have a floor full of toys and games? Give your child or children an empty container each and set a timer for a minute and see how many toys can be collected in the allotted time period. The incentive is to see which child completes the task first. You will be surprised at how quickly the floor gets cleaned.
2. Beating the clock – Another great use for a kitchen timer is to set a challenge for your kids to get a task completed before the time goes off such as sweeping or vacuuming the floors. Be sure to check that they are completely the task correctly and not cutting corners.
3. Figure out which jobs your child or children like the best – If you have a child that likes washing dishes, teach him or her to complete the task correctly. Not only will this encourage lifelong skills it will also encourage the child to wash dishes on a regular basis.
4. Play music – design music specially for cleaning time and turn the volume up high, encourage dancing and exercise while they work.
5. Play hide and seek – Hide a few quarters or dollar bills around the house, tell the kids exactly how many you have hidden and encourage them to clean up and find them.
6. For younger children – a great educational activity is to encourage the child to pick up and sort laundry items by color
7. Keep it short and sweet – allocate daily 15 minute cleaning intervals during the course of the week. Make daily clean ups a habit to establish a regular cleaning schedule as part of your child’s routine.
8. Kids Size – As a special treat take your child shopping and let him or her pick out some colorful cleaning tools that are kid sized. This is a great way to introduce your child to the different types of cleaning tools and there uses.

Professional Housekeeping Services

Contact AMaidzing Agency today and speak with a customer service representative about independent maid services. At AMaidzing our knowledgeable staff can refer you to professional housekeepers who will provide you with a thorough house cleaning that is customized to meet your specific needs. At AMaidzing Agency our experienced staff will run background checks on all of our fully trained, English speaking cleaning staff to ensure your safety, privacy and protection. AMaidzing Agency is a locally owned and operated, licensed, insured and bonded cleaning referral company that has provided residential and commercial cleaning services to our clients since 2002. Contact us today!

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