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Maid services are used by residential homes throughout the greater Los Angeles area and all over the United States! Many families lack the time needed to keep their home looking their best, or want the cleaning done by a professional house cleaning company. Having a regular cleaning service can add time to your schedule and can make your life much less stressful. Having a clean home allows everyone living in the home to have an environment that they can function in and feel comfortable. Maid services can take care of cleaning bathroom, floors, cabinets, baseboards and much more. One thing that you may not know is that they can also offer laundry service. Yes you heard that right, laundry service! The never ending cycle of laundry can be washed, dried and folded for you.

Put an End to Never Ending Laundry Piles

Doing the laundry in a home can be a task that is just never ending. As soon as you think you’re done, more laundry seems to magically show up. The process of do it yourself laundry is not quick and each part of the process takes up to an hour to run. Most households have about one load of laundry each day that needs to be washed, dried and folded. Not having to worry about getting this done in between other chores can relieve a lot of stress.

Add On or Stand Alone Laundry Service

When you have a maid service coming on a regular basis they will usually clean the home and stack any laundry in the designated basket and leave it for you to take care of at your own convenience. Amaidzing Agency Inc is giving you the time saving opportunity to add laundry service to your existing house cleaning services or start laundry service separate from your regular cleaning as a stand alone specialty service.

Professional Laundry Services

You can just leave your dirty linens, clothes and laundry in bags and one of our cleaning technicians will pick up them up at your convenience and return them thoroughly cleaned, dried and expertly folded to your home. You can rest assured that your clothing and other items will be treated professionally and will be returned to you freshly laundered. At Amaidzing Agency Inc. we have a professional laundry facility in Van Nuys that we use to do all the laundry service for our valued clients in the greater Los Angeles area. If you want to stop forever worrying about keeping the laundry clean and folded, call Amaidzing Agency Inc today to set up an appointment.

Coming home to a clean house is one of the greatest feelings; everything is in order, the house smells great and it is beckoning you to sink in and relax. Unfortunately, not all Los Angeles homeowners have the time and energy it takes to maintain a clean home all of the time. Long hours at work, busy schedules with kids, extra-curricular activities and keeping up with every other part of life can prevent household chores from being properly met. Often times only certain tasks are completed while others get neglected and delayed for quite some time. Jobs like cleaning the kitchen and making sure the dishes get done are usually easily taken care of. Scrubbing the bathroom, sweeping behind the couch and washing the baseboards are common chores that get overlooked, but collect grime and dust fairly quickly. When you have come to the conclusion that you honestly just don’t have the time to get your house in tip top shape, it is time to consider hiring a professional maid service.

Professional Maid Service

A professional maid service is a great option for someone who has an extremely busy schedule. The maid service can come into your home and clean everything that you don’t have time to, and take the time to clean it thoroughly. This will give you the opportunity to focus on more important aspects of life, like your family and your work. Crossing housekeeping work off of your list will lift a weight off of your shoulders and you will feel more capable of completing other, more important tasks or issues that demand your attention.

Regular Housekeeping Maintenance

When you enter into an ongoing relationship with a professional maid service, you will receive regular cleaning maintenance, which will leave your home clean and spotless every time that you come home. What a great feeling it is to walk into a clean house. You will feel relaxed and ready to spend time with your family, rather than vacuuming, sweeping or scrubbing.

Thorough House Cleaning Service

Professional maid services are experienced in cleaning all areas of the home, not one room in your home will be left un-cleaned. Often times we only have time or energy to clean just the bathrooms or just the kitchen. When you hire a professional maid service, every room in your home will be thoroughly cleaned. Professional maid services will know how to get carpet stains out, scuff marks off your tile and grout stains out of your shower.

Industrial Cleaning Equipment

Another bonus of hiring a professional maid service is their use of industrial equipment that you may not have access to if cleaning your house on your own. A professional maid service will use professional grade equipment to clean your home, which will make your home as clean as it can possibly be. If you have decided that life is too busy to worry about house chores and it’s time to focus on more important aspects of your life, then you are ready for professional maid service. Contact AMaidzing Agency Inc. for the best professional maid service available. We will ensure that your home is spotless and leave you feeling relaxed and able to enjoy the important things in life.

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